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Turn off the phone, turn down the lights, and soak your cares away. Few forms of relaxation are as enjoyable and as good for you as warm water massage. Daily hydrotherapy helps muscles to relax, as the tensions and stress of everyday life gently slip away. Whether you prefer a vigorous hydrotherapy session or a relaxing spa, we can help you enhance your health and lifestyle .

The soothing warmth and buoyancy of warm water makes it a safe, ideal environment for relieving arthritis pain and stiffness
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Hot Tub Buying Guide

Since buying a hot tub is not an everyday event, we have put together information to help you find the best possible hot tub that fits your lifestyle, and the best hot tub cost for your budget. A hot tub is the perfect addition to any home. With user-friendly system controls and low energy consumption a hot tub can be the perfect getaway in your own backyard. But how much does it cost to have a hot tub?

The total costs of purchasing, installing and maintaining a hot tub can and will vary greatly depending upon a great many variables. No one person can assume to have the exact cost of maintaining their hot tub as say their neighbors. There are far to many variables that will come into play including a great deal of options to choose from that will directly effect every individuals bottom line were prices and costs are concerned. All hot tub designs and hot tub prices vary.

Portable Hot TubPortable hot tubs, suited for two to three people can be found in the price range of $350 to $1500 dollars. Larger models of hot tubs and spas suited for anywhere from four to seven people can be found in the price range of $2500 up to a whooping $8000 dollars. There are luxury models of hot tubs and spas available for up to $18000 dollars. If you are looking to have an in ground spa or hot tub then the price ranges anywhere from $10000 up to $30000 dollars. Many of our customers use this service to find a good cheap portable hot tub, www.portablehottubfinder.com. If you wish to buy an inflatable hot tub or other portable type we still recommend you contemplate getting your hot tub professionally installed.

The first difference would be in the choice of a hot tub or spa. It goes without saying that not everyone is going to choose the exact same tub. In choosing different tubs the installations, chemicals and maintenance for the tubs will be drastically different, thus the prices and cost that each individuals pay will be drastically different.

The next price that will be affected would be the cost related to the installation and prep work needed prior to installation. Things like ensuring the area selected is level surface; will it be placed on concrete or on a deck? If a deck is involved the costs could easily climb into the hundreds of dollars, while the cost of a simple concrete slab would be much less expensive.

Portable Hot Tub CoverAnother area that will differ in costs will be the work involved in the wiring and plumbing of the hot tub or spa. Larger spas will take additional wiring and plumbing, inground hot tubs will require still different wiring and plumbing. Still other costs that will differ depending upon your choice of size and type of hot tub or spa will be the cost of a cover or top, the number of jets you want in your tub and the type and number of seats you will have in the spa to sit on along with any padding you may want on the seats.

As with just about anything there is a wide range of extras that can be purchased to enhance and improve your hot tub experience. These include items such as built in cabinets, handrails and seats around the hot tub. Lighting for the spa area, drink holders, built in ice buckets, towel bars and storage containers for chemicals and cleaning products. Alarms for hot tub covers are another great extra that you may consider, they generally range in cost somewhere between $275 to $1100 dollars, these alarms are a wonderful way to ensure that you children and pets do not get in without you knowing but also any unwanted guests.

When it comes to the maintenance of you spa the costs involved will be for the electricity, water and chemicals required. As far as the electricity goes it generally will run anywhere from $1 to $2 per day to operate your hot tub. The cost of water after your initial fill will be minimal if you make use of a cover from day one. The use of a cover will limit the amount of evaporation from the spa, making the need for refills only necessary from time to time due to splashing and minor evaporation. The cost of chemicals per month will usually run anywhere between a low of say $20 up as much as $60 to $80 dollars depending on the types and amounts of chemicals you decide to use. Hopefully this information helps answers the question, what is the cost of running a hot tub?

Have you always wanted to own a spa or hot tub? If you have then this just may be the perfect time to get one for yourself. It is very easy to start off with a portable hot tub and get started enjoying everything they have to offer in the way of fun, relaxation and entertainment. By the time you are ready to invest your hard earned money into a larger more expensive hot tub or spa you will be well experienced with every aspect of owning a spa and all the care and responsibility one requires to maintain one.

Portable Hot Tub Friends

Make this summer, the summer when you have all your friends and family over for a refreshing hot tub party. You work hard everyday all year long, isn’t it time you treat yourself for once and invest in some fun. If you plan and price everything involved with getting a new hot tub for you and your family, you will be able to keep your initial hot tub cost down to fit well within your budget. Once installed and up and running you and your family will enjoy the inexpensive luxury of a hot tub or spa for many years to come. .