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How to Maintain Hot Tubs

Most people love the luxury of having a spa or hot tub experience once in a while. A lot of people do ask for a day off from work to pamper themselves in spas and salons. But imagine how luxurious it can be when you own a spa or hot tub right in the comfort of your own home.

Hot tubs are a primary way to revitalize your whole body. You can regain your lost energy and strength on a day to day basis. Using hot tubs is a great way to relax keeping you healthy and it's a fun way to relax with friends and loved ones.

Hot Tub ChemicalsOne thing that has to be looked at on a regular basis is water maintenance. Your hot tub requires routine maintenance and cleaning. Whether you choose to have a water technician or you are a do it yourself spa owner you need the correct tools to do the job correctly.

Equipment you need includes a net to scoop up any debris like leaves and insects. If you have a large deep spa then you may need a telescopic pole. A brush to clean the walls of your hot tub usually made of aluminium with nylon bristles. A vacuum head and hose to remove dirt from the bottom of the pool. You can attach the hose to the skimmer and turn on the pump to vacuum the bottom of your spa. Tile brush and tile soap are also required to remove algae and oils. If it is too hard to remove suntan oil and scale then a barbeque grill cleaning pad can be used. You will need a chemical testing kit to check the water and it is one of the most important pieces you will require for maintaining your hot tub.

Hot Tub CleaningTo clean your tub first clean around it and remove any loose leaves and dirt. Do the same to your hot tub cover before removing it. Start refilling your spa to replace any water that may have been lost due to evaporation. Skim the surface, removing any leaves, insects and floating dirt. Remember to do around the sides of the tiles as that is where most debris collects.

Next clean the tiles using your brush and tile soap. It is best to do this before cleaning the bottom of your spa as the dirt from the tiles will sink to the bottom. Any stubborn marks can be removed with your barbecue pad or you may even try a pumice stone. Scrub below the waterline as well as above it because of evaporation the waterline is not usually at the same level all of the time.

Next clean out the skimmer basket removing all leaves and other debris. Open up and clean the pumps strainer basket. Remove and clean filters if the pressure is starting to rise. Check the heater is free of debris and that no rodents are in there. Clean deck drains and remove any debris from around motor vents. Brush the walls of the spa underwater and then vacuum the bottom of the spa. Any dirt from the vacuuming will collect in the water circulation filter, this should also be removed and cleaned.

Hot Tub ChemicalsNext test the water after you have filled it back up to its normal level and add any chemicals it may require to bring it too its correct water balance. Remove all your tools carefully and check that you have turned off the water fill line.

If you have found any problems like corrosion, loose connections, leaks or signs of equipment failure then you may have to call on specialists to complete proper repairs.

By doing systematic maintenance and inspections on a regular basis it can save you big time in the future on costly hot tub repairs and part replacement. .