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Hot tub installation is our specialty. Our team of qualified tradesmen have the type of experience you only get from doing the same thing everyday, week, month and year. Installing hot tubs is all we do.

Exotic Hot Tub We can handle an exotic installation like this concrete and stone spa sitting proudly inside this Denver residence. The glass screen provides an effective safety barrier but doesn't hide the hot tub and so the room still has an open feel. We know how to talk to architects and people with imagination and can skillfully bring these ideas to life.

Of course not every one can afford or even wants a spa as magnificient as this one. We all have different needs and differing financial situations. For some an inflatable hot tub in the yard or on a deck is just as good. Modern portable hot tubs can be quite sophisticated these days with lighting, built in water treatment systems and powerful massage jets. Some inflatable hot tubs can be installed in under an hour ( once the site has been prepared and plumbing and electrical issues sorted). Portable hot tubs sell for a little as $350 for a basic hot tub like this one made by Coleman. Coleman Hot Tub The spa pump also works to inflate the hot tub, making the installation process seem easy. This simple hot tub includes an intregrated water treatment system as well as powerful buble jets that come from the Coleman patent Lay-Z-Spa system. It can be heated to a max 0 104 degrees and includes a cover for added insulation when the hot tub is not in use. All this for around $350.

Although portable hot tubs are generally easy to setup when doing so you are dealing with a number of potentially danergous situations. Eveyone knows that water and electricity do not mix.. right? Well that combination is at play in a hot tub. Managed correctly and with pumps and electronics in good condition there is no problem. For most people with a cheap hot tub, they are content to run an extension cable to the nearest power outlet and plug it in, fill the tub with water from a hose then turn it on and wait for the water to heat. Many happy hot tubbers have spent hours relaxing with this type of setup and we won't deter you from this approach. It works.

We not only offer an installation service, we also offer a form of insurance. Not the type of insurance you might be thinking of, but the type of insurance that provides peace of mind knowing your hot tub is safe and secure.

For more information about our hot tub installation service or to arrange a free quote drop us a line at admin@hot-tub-vancouver.com.

All our installations comply with The Association Of Pool And Spa Professionals guidelines.